Anul Tigrului de Apa

Hello to you, my dear students, QilinGong practitioners!

These are my thoughts for you in this special moment, when a new year begins.

I wish you in the new year to attain higher achievements, to have a real progress in life. What I mean is: I wish you to be healthier, happier and wealthier!

But, in order to reach all these, you should apply our qigong methods and principles in your daily life, moment by moment, to practice with diligence and persistence.

This year is the Year of the Tiger. We should all learn from the Tiger: to be brave and fearless, to have courage and to not be afraid. When you don’t have fear you are powerful!

This is a target for our life: NO FEAR!

My wish for you is this: to get to this level – NO FEAR!

Happy and Auspicious Chinese New Year!

Master Lin Kai Ting