QilinGong - ancient wisdom for modern times

QilinGong is the qigong style founded by Master Lin Kai Ting. This style combines both traditional and modern qigong, offering techniques and methods perfectly adapted to the modern lifestyle.

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Rarely have I felt such pure and bright energy flowing to me. The simplicity, ease, and joy with which Master Lin Kai Ting conveys the QilinGong teachings come evidently and clearly from the soul of a child, which is kept pure. Master has taught me about new limits that I have to reach!

Ingrid Petrescu

57 years old, Chief Medical Statistician

I remember that in April 2020, when everyone was horrified by what was happening and nobody knew anything (the beginning of pandemic), I felt good because every day I practiced qigong for an hour and a half or two (online) and I felt in my body that I was very good. ...And, every time I met Monica online or the other trainers, it was a joy and a delight. I was almost "abnormal" in that world...

Josef Kalleder

38 years old, Coach