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Special Course & Practice for Christmas time, 17th – 19th December 2021

… you have a unique opportunity somehow, to learn how to enjoy the special energies that will appear during this period - those of the winter solstice and Christmas - under the direct guidance of Master Lin Kai Ting.

These days, due to the difficult period we are going through, you are invited to participate online. Thus, in spite of all the vicissitudes, the Master will send his qi loaded with information and high vibrations, as usual, in the last years ...

This year, the course will be different from previous years ... As the Master advised us, the first 2 days of the course some of the trainers will teach and practice with you, those who will attend the course.

During each of these two days, you will practice qigong techniques and also meditations guided by the trainers, and Master will support the course by his qi. The Master will teach only on Sunday, the third day of the course.


Atentie Please Note: This course can be attended only by people who have benefited from initiation in qigong either from the QilinGong Trainers, or directly from Master Lin Kai Ting, during his courses or in one of the QilinGong summer retreats, with physical or online participation.

Live Streaming & Video Recordings All practice sessions will be broadcast live online on the platform. Video recordings of all practice sessions will also be made. These can be offered to participants, either only as requested or in full.

Adress: online on

The Meeting ID & Password for access to the zoom sessions will be received by e-mail, after payment and sending the scanned GDPR Agreement   (unless you have previously provided it).

Note! The practice of qigong does not replace medical treatment, it is not a miraculous cure, but it is a physical and mental activity that is learned through specialized courses, and in order to obtain results, it needs to be practiced daily.

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Period:      17th to 19th of December 2021

Adress:      Zoom QilinGong online

Schedule:   Friday, 17:30 - 21:30 GMT+2
                    Saturday & Sunday, 13:30 - 18:30 GMT+2

Price:         85 EUR - online participation

In order to register, you must have a QilinGong Account

Inscrieri online


AtentiePeople who have already paid for the course, but do not meet the conditions for participation, will be refunded the money in the bank account, less bank expenses!

GDPR Agreement

IMPORTANT:  People suffering from psychosis, severe advanced disease (cancer, kidney failure, liver failure), contagious diseases, severe heart disease (heart and respiratory failure, myocardial infarction, stenosis, those with stimulants, valvular prostheses, implanted valves etc) may not participate in this course.
CAUTION!   During pregnancy, women with a pregnancy of more than four months may not participate in any of the qigong activities of the federation.

AtentieOnline registrations only until 17th December at 11:00 (GMT+2)


online register



Methods of Payment

Payment can be made either by PayPal or by bank transfer. Payment details can be found herein after (see below), no later than 17 th December, at 11PM.

Payment details:

CIF: 12480620
IBAN: RO11 BRMA 0999 1000 9225 0294 EUR
Bank Banca Romaneasca   Branch Titan      
Bank address: str. Liviu Rebreanu nr.12, bl K2, sect.3, Bucuresti ROMANIA

with the reference: Online Qigong Course / Lectures – Participant Name (yours)

  Please Note!   We kindly ask you send the proof of payment by e-mail to:, or as soon as possible after registering online, in order to receive the online login details for the course (Meeting ID & password).

Atentie Note: Those who paid without fulfilling the conditions for participation will be refunded the same way they were received, except for any bank fees!


Cancellation of registration

Registration can be cancelled only on line, from your QilinGong personal account.

In case of giving up the course, before it starts, the amount paid will be reimbursed minus 15 € (bank fees, other expenses).

It is no longer possible to cancel the registration after the start of the course

Qilingong School


Info Monday to Friday only between 10:00 – 19:00 & ;     Romanian time zone (GMT+2)

        QilinGong School:      Cell & WhatsApp: Monica Onea     + 40 769 055 990

        Bucharest Association      Melania Țiulete +40 769 055 995     - only Romanian language


            GDPR Agreement

For all practitioners !


 People who express their desire to practice qigong in the school of Master Lin Kai Ting, once registered (online) in any of the activities organized by the qigong associations / sport clubs that are members of the National Qigong Federation of Romania, are granted the status of supporting member, on a provisional basis, (for a period of 3 months), in the organizing association or in the one located near the domicile locality.
 In order to become a full member of the association, it is necessary to submit an application in this regard, see the form that can be downloaded from your personal QilinGong account (Download section)..





Romanian National Qigong Federation

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