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new International Qigong Summer Retreat in 2022

Long-expected events....

Meet Master Lin Kai Ting in person and.... practice QilinGong

Master Lin Kai Ting

Join us for a journey full of mystery in the wonderful world of Qigong… a unique opportunity: learning and experiencing qigong under the guidance of one of the few Masters who are able to transmit the knowledge directly, in a traditional “heart-to-heart” way of teaching.

Master Lin Kai Ting is the founder of QilinGong school (style).

Let’s start with ...

Albena, 23rd August – 3rd September 2022

International Qigong retrat on the Black Sea Shore


In this Qigong Retreat, the Master will teach mainly one qigong method considered to be one of the gems of the ancient practices:

  • Yi Jin Jing or The Tendon Changing Technique

The program includes Meditations, qigong lectures & precious techings about life. However, there will be no special meditations for healing.

Whether you are familiar with qigong or you have never heared about it, are you already a long time practitioner or this is your first encounter with QilinGong, if you are a child, teenager or adult, this camp is a unique opportunity to take the first or further steps into the wonderful world of Qigong being led (guided) by a real Master.

You are all welcomed in this qigong retreat! Still, the qigong practitioners participating in this event, need to be only between 8 and 75 years of age.

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Saturday, 29th April 2022

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Heaven, Earth and I are one ...

A film about QilinGong - The qigong style taught by Master Lin Kai Ting


Master Lin Kai Ting



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