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The Romanian National Qigong Federation

RNQF is a nongovernmental and nonprofit organization that coordinates the qigong-related activities in Romania.

RNQF’s goals and responsibilities are as follows:

  • To promote the principles and the practice of Qigong;
  • To incorporate the qigong practice into several areas of the modern life:
    • public health (prevention and recovery)
    • education (enhancing students’ intellectual abilities, stress control, respect for traditional values, developing better communication skills)
    • business (stress control and personal development)
    • sports (enhancing the physical abilities, rapid recovery)
    • culture (promoting the Chinese traditional wisdom)
  • To support academic research on the effects of qigong;
  • To provide accurate information to those interested in the qigong practice
  • To manage and organize qigong conferences, workshops, trainings for qigong practitioners or for the public;
  • To promote global peace and harmony through the high standards of qigong ethics and morality.

Romanian National Qigong Federation

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