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International QIGONG Retreat

Bansko - BULGARIA             20th - 31st of August 2019

Cultivate joy within your body, mind and spirit.

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Location: Bansko resort, situated in the south-western part of Bulgaria

Period:   Starting on Thursday, 20th August until Saturday, 31st August.


Information:  The QilinGong retreat will take place this year in a wonderful location- Bansko resort, Bulgaria. Though the resort is mainly renowned for ski and other winter sports, Bansko reveals its beauty throughout the year, attracting every year more tourists loving hiking and nature.

Located 925 m above the sea level, Bansko is situated by the Glazane river, right under the peak Vihren (2914m) the highest and most beautiful peak of the Pirin mountain.

Not far away, just a few minutes drive from Bansko, you can relax in wonderful thermal springs where the hot water is rising from the depth of the mountain directly into pools carved into the mountain rock. You can also visit in the area a few charming old churches and monasteries.

Qigong:   We will meet every early morning at the base of the ski slope for an outdoors Qigong practice session under the direct guidance of Master Lin Kai Ting. Master will teach us various exercises and techniques, the main focus being Yi Jin Jing (Muscle/ Tendon Changing Qigong Exercise)

The other two daily sessions we will learn & practice deep meditation techniques and will receive life changing teachings from Master Lin Kai Ting. We will discover that practicing Qigong is a philosophy of life and a new lifestyle.

There will be no healing meditations

Note! Qigong practice does not replace medical treatment, it is not a miraculous healing, it is a physical and mental activity that is taught through specialized courses, and to obtain the expected results it needs to be practiced on a daily basis.

The upper limit of age for QilinGong practitioners is 75 years old

Program of the Retreat

Tuesday, 20th August 2019

Arrival and check-in, registrations, filling in & handing over the documents, etc
Official opening of the Retreat by Master Lin Kai Ting, în the conference hall
After the opening, dinner

Wednesday, 21st - Thursday, 29th August 2019

We will start early in the morning, by practicing qigong outside
There will be three practicing sessions per day, two of them being in the practicing hall.
Breakfast and lunch will be served between the sessions

Friday, 30th August 2019

Qigong Practice – as usual; instead of lunch, dinnel will be served.
Official closing of the Retreat and the festive dinner at 20:00

Saturday, 31st August 2019

Breakfast. Departure

Atentie  Please make only on-line reservations

We strongly recommend to pay the deposit only after booking online!

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  • The Options available for the Qigong Retreat in Bulgaria represents retreat packages. You can only make a booking for the whole duration of the retreat (not for a certain number of days) and there are no separate prices per service.
  • The allocation of rooms at the Astera Bansko Hotel and Spa**** will be made in the order of your arrival. The booking and room number communicated to you by e-mail is only an internal code (e.g. H4*-D-C8 L1). You will receive the actual room number at the reception desk when you check in.



  • Melania Țiulete       +40 769 055 995
  • Monica Onea          + 40 769 055 990

We are looking forward to meeting you!


 Only for Qigong Practitioners !

After booking online any of the activities organized by our Qigong Associations (members of the Romanian National Qigong Federation), you will become a Supporting Member and be granted a 3 months temporary membership with the organizing association or the one located closest to your hometown.

If you wish to become a full-time member, please download a request form from your personal QilinGong account (section Download), fill it in and send it to us .

The upper limit of age for QilinGong practitioners is 75 years old


Required   Documents

Atentie  In order to be able to attend the qigong practice, on the first day of the retreat you will have a short meeting with our GP (medical doctor). For this meeting you must bring in the following mandatory documents:

  • A Health Certificate (Formular 1) filled in and signed by your GP. This Health Certificate must not be older than six weeks. It should be issued only after 10th of July 2019.
  • The Consent and Declaration Form  (Formular 2) filled in and signed by you.

Atentie  Please send the Health Certificate by e-mail to, not later than 5th of August 2019
        Make sure that your Health Certificate is valid on your arrival! Our GP does not issue such certificates.

Note. If there is/ exists in your hometown a practice hall belonging to a QilinGong Association, you can always hand in the formulars there, before coming to the retreat.


IMPORTANT: People suffering from psychosis, serious diseases in advanced stage (cancer, kidney failure, liver failure), contagious diseases, serious heart diseases (cardiac or respiratory insufficiency, myocardial infarction, stenoses, persons with a pacemaker, prosthetic valves, implanted valves etc.) cannot attend the qigong practice.

Warning! After the 4th month of pregnancy, ladies cannot participate in any of the qigong activities organized by the federation.



By coach, organized by us: from Bucharest to Hotel Astera Bansko (85 € / return trip)

By yourself, at your own expense:

  • by car: motorway Bucharest – Ruse – Pleven - Sofia – Blagoevgrad – Bansko
  • by plane or train: to Sofia. From the airport you can take a coach to Bansko. Car transfer from Sofia airoport to Bansko and back could be arranged upon request.



  • Melania Țiulete       +40 769 055 995
  • Monica Onea          + 40 769 055 990


International Qigong Master Lin Kai Ting,
practicing Yi Jin Jing

Rezervari Online

Atentie Please pay the deposit only after you have booked online!



Romanian National Qigong Federation

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