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Austria 2019


Bildungshaus Batschuns,   4 th – 10 th of August 2019

Qigong for health and wisdom, for the benefit of life

More than any other tehnique, QilinGong is a way of living, based on the universal values of humanity: morality, respect of life and compassion for others.

Whether you are familiar or not with qigong, you are a long time QilinGong practitioner or this is your first encounter with it, this lecture is a unique opportunity to step into the wonderful world of Qigong guided by Master Lin Kai Ting.

IMPORTANT: People suffering from psychosis, serious diseases in advanced stage (cancer, kidney failure, liver failure), contagious diseases, serious heart diseases (cardiac or respiratory insufficiency, myocardial infarction, stenoses, persons with a pacemaker, prosthetic valves, implanted valves etc.) cannot attend the qigong practice.

Warning! After the 4th month of pregnancy, ladies should not participate in any of the qigong activities organized by the QilinGong School.

The upper limit of age for QilinGong practitioners is 75 years old.

PRICES - QilinGong Lectures

The price for the Lectures is only   € 400 – for 7 days.

AtentieAn additional administrative fee of € 20/person (i.e. for the hall) is needed (for the entire period of the Lectures).

Pre-payment:  € 150, should be paid within 7 days after booking (if no accomodation is needed).

If accomodation is needed, booking proof and pre-payment of the accommodation fees are needed.


Sunday, 4th August 16:00 - 21:00
Monday to Thursday, 5th – 8th August 18:00 - 21:30
Friday, 9th August17:00 – 21:30
Saturday, 10th August13:30 – 19:00

Farewell Party on Saturday, after Lectures, starting with 19:30



Registrations for the lectures are possible only online.

The registration becomes valid only after the pre-payment is fulfilled.

According to your option, the validation of the online registration can be done in one of the following two ways:


The pre-payment 150 € / pers) needs to be done within 7 working days   (if no accomodation is needed) after   the registration

AtentieIf accomodation is needed, please book at the hotel directly, proceed with pre-payment/payment of accommodation also within 7 working days, and send us the proof.

       Final Payment deadline for bank transfer: 25th of July 2019

The final payment (the difference) for the lectures will be either cash upon arrival or, by bank transfer,   not later than   25th of July 2019.

To make your payment please click  Payment Details


Please book for the accommodation individually at the hotel Bildungshaus Batschuns directly, e-mail: bildungshaus@bhba.atunder Ref: Lectures Master Lin Kai Ting and send the booking and pre-payment proof to both and (for validation – see above).

Rooms are available from  4th of August 12:00   until Sunday, 11th of August   at 10:00.

See the prices below.*Prices do not include bank tranfer fees.

Atentie The above mentioned additional administrative fee of € 20/person will be invoiced by the hotel (for the entire period of the Lectures)

Prices/Day:                                                                                  Details/Meal prices

Single/breakfast               € 61.50                                          Breakfast          € 10.00

Double/ breakfast            € 55.50                                          Lunch                 € 15.50

Single/half-board             € 70.50                                          Dinner                € 9.00

Double/half-board           € 64.50

Single/full-board              € 86.00

Double/full-board            € 80.0


Hotel contact:

Bildungshaus Batschuns
Address:   Kapf 1 | A-6835 Zwischenwasser
Tel.            +43 (0)55 22 / 44 2 90-0

Fax.           +43 (0)55 22 / 44 2 90-5


Availability for calls:     Monday – Friday,     8:00 -11:30 and 14:00 -16:30,

                                           Saturday,   8:00 -16:30 (except holidays)




Payments for the lectures can be made by bank transfer. For special situations, the final payment for the lectures can be made cash, at your arrival in Bildungshaus Batschuns.

         Bank details -  for bank transfers, in EUR:

              CF:   12480620
              Address: 11, Prisaca Dornei st., sect.3, Bucharest

              IBAN:  RO61 BRMA 0870 0282 1639 5400
              Swift: BRMAROBU
              Bank Address: str. Liviu Rebreanu nr.12, bl K2, sect.3, Bucharest
              Banca Romaneasca - branch Titan

Please mention: Qigong Lectures Batschuns – name(s) of the participant(s)

             Atentie  Money order is not accepted as payment method!

     Important!  Please send the Bank Transfer Confirmation for the Lectures Fees (if no accomodation is needed) and/or the booking proof and related Bank Transfer Confirmation for the accommodation to our (both) e-mail addresses: and

Please pay the deposit only after you booked online !

Atentie  The bank transfer fees are to be paid by the participant.

Only for Qigong Practitioners !

After booking online in any of the activities organized by our Qigong Associations (members of the RNQF – QilinGong School), you will become a Supporting Member and be granted a 3 months temporary membership with the organizing association or the one located closest to your hometown.

If you wish to become a full-time member, please download a request form from your personal QilinGong account (section Download), fill it in and send it to us .

The upper limit of age for QilinGong practitioners is 75 years old


Required   Documents

Atentie  In order to be able to attend the qigong practice, on the first day of the lecture you must bring in the following mandatory documents:

·       The  Health Certificate  (signed by your doctor)

·       The  Consent and Declaration Form   filled in and signed by you. 

·          The  Data Protection Declaration Form  filled in and signed by you. 



If cancellation of the reservation is made at least 7 days before the lectures start, the amount already paid will be reimbursed, except for the bank transfer fees.

If cancellation is made  less than 7 days before the lectures, no reimbursments will be performed.


For more details please contact:

Floriana Isaila-Gathge


tel:  +40 744 567 659 (Mo.-Fr., 11:00 – 12:30)


Romanian National Qigong Federation

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