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In order to achieve its goals, RNQF organizes events and activities, such as:

Courses and workshops on qigong principles and techniques

The courses are run by Master Lin Kai Ting over one week, on several levels: from beginners to advanced. During this course, the Master teaches the qigong principles and techniques, monitors the practitioners activities and gives answers to questions related to this area.

Hall practice and training sessions (Induction micro-courses, The Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade, Yi Jin Jing)

hese courses are run over four weeks with sessions held twice or three times a week for 2 hours. During these sessions, techniques taught by Master Lin Kai Ting are practiced intensively. The trainers are certified qigong instructors with a solid background and well developed skills.

Retreats and practice camps

The camps last for about 10 days, and are usually held in July or August in Romania’s most beautiful resorts: Marisel, Stana de Vale, Voineasa, Eforie Nord, Sovata, or abroad. During these camps the participants practice Qigong twice or three times a day under the strict supervision of Master Lin Kai Ting. In addition, short lectures and open discussions on topics related to qigong are led.

Intensive training and examination sessions for qigong instructors

These sessions take place twice a year in various locations (usually in resorts or in towns where RNQF has representative offices). During these sessions, the candidates or instructors have the opportunity to practice intensively under the supervision of Master Lin Kai Ting. This event gives them the opportunity to refine their techniques and learn more about qigong. At the end of these sessions, the trainers are tested for their theoretical and practical knowledge in order to ascertain their practice level.

Other events and activities

RNQF organizes and takes part in various events addressed either to the public or to specialists in various fields, in order to promote and incorporate the qigong practice into several areas of modern life:

  • The Worldwide Qigong and Tai Qi Day
  • The National Psychology Congress
  • The International Congress of Applied Estethics
  • The European Traditional Chinese Medicine Congress
  • Courses in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Corporate trainings - Qigong for team building and stress management

Romanian National Qigong Federation

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