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Having its origins in China and claiming a history of 7000 years, qigong can be defined as a system of practices that aim to heal, maintain the state of health, increase vitality, attain longevity and develop the potential of the human being to the fullest.

Literally translated, qigong means cultivation of the energy, or mastery of the life force.

The qigong practice includes a wide range of techniques: static postures or dynamic exercises with gentle movements of the body combined with specific breathing patterns and focused concentration. Moreover, qigong includes different types of meditation and relaxation exercises.

Regardless of their age, gender, religion, social status or physical condition, all true qigong practitioners  have in common the permanent pursuit of harmony in their lives and their communities.

A few immediate effects of the qigong practice are: stress reduction, improved stamina, increased vitality and an enhanced immune system. Major improvements in the cardio-vascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive functions are also associated with qigong. Constant practice generates a perfect balance in body, mind and spirit.

Due to their multiple benefits, the qigong techniques have been widely used by therapists, healers, martial arts practitioners or practitioners of various religions or ways, such as Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism. Over the centuries, a great number of qigong schools and forms have been developed.

In an attempt to scientifically explain the effects of the qigong practice, scientists and qigong masters and practitioners are currently involved in various research projects sponsored by prestigious organizations throughout the world.

Qigong is very popular nowadays, both in China and worldwide. It is estimated that more than 100 million people practice qigong.

According to the Chinese tradition, many qigong techniques are considered secret and taught only to a very small number of disciples.

Despite the wealthy pool of information on qigong available today, the guidance of a qualified teacher is absolutely essential in order to obtain the expected results.

Romanian National Qigong Federation

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