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Special Qigong practice indicated by Master Lin Kai Ting

during the pandemic and the danger of infection with Corona Virus (Covid19)

QilinGong School practice & teachings broadcasted on the “Zoom” app:
Meeting ID: 761 425 799,    password: qigong,
   Mobile phone password: 062670
  Meeting Time: 8pm & 9 pm (GMT+3) – Time Zone : EEST (Romania)

Schedule of the Lecture

Whether you attend online sessions or not, it is recomended to practice twice a day and advise others to use these highly effective tools.

If you have this illness, you can use them as support in the healing process, but it is even more important to use them preventively, as these techniques are specially chosen and have the role of increasing your immunity and qi (energy) defense of the body, calledwei qi.

QilinGong techniques & The order in which they will be practiced
twice a day, in the morning and evening:

  1. Collecting Qi - optional
  2. Lung Meridian Beating – see chart
  3. Shuai Shou (1000 repetitions or 30 min – not as beginners)
  4. Infinite Heart, also called The Good Intention Meditation, for 20 - 30 min – see details

For learning these techniques, there will be online sessions for one hour, almost every day, for about 7 – 8 days. The techniques are taught gradually, so it is recommended to attend to all of the teachings and start from the beginning.

If you wish to attend the lectures, during the first 2 days, please provide to> your: Name, e-mail address, town & country, date of birth as we wish to make a whatsapp group for the course/lectures

About three days after starting we will provide a new password in a whatsapp group, as it is not good that new people join in the middle of the course; they will not understand.

For the new ones we will organize one more set of lectures, almost the next week

Schedule of the Lecture

Besides of the lectures online, every day, starting 10 am as well as 10 pm (UTC+3), the Master will emitt (send) qi for 30 minutes. So, we can practice together (privately, not online) the Infinite Heart, also called The Good Intention Meditation , meaning - with the Master's support / qi emission. twice a day: at 10 am and 10 pm - Romania time zone (GMT+3)

Romanian National Qigong Federation

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