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new   Schio (Vicenza), Italy 9th – 15th of March 2020

One week of Qigong Lectures by Master Lin Kai Ting,
                                                              surrounded by the Small Dolomites

“the best way to be healthy in a stressful world is not to get ill”    Master Lin Kai Ting

Master Lin Kai Ting

Join us for a journey full of mystery… The fresh mountain air and the special qi coming from the Small Dolomites, one can find and collect here, provide the ideal environment for a unique experience: learning and experiencing qigong under the guidance of one of the few Masters who are able to transmit the knowledge directly, in a traditional “heart-to-heart” way of teaching

Master Lin Kai Ting is the founder of QilinGong school (style).



new    Bucharest, Romania      22nd February – 1 st of March 2020

... back to Romania - the craddle of QilinGong,

                                                 for your first or next steps of initiation in Qigong

For those of you who will participate for the first time in a QilinGong Beginner’s Course, there will be a big surprise awaiting for you ... the one of actually discovering of another reality, "live" !

The teachings are addressing mostly the intuitive part of us and not so much our logical side... You will learn how to exercise your intuition, to educate it and also to use it

Initiation... a first step into a new and ancient adventure: the road towards Knowledge




Romanian National Qigong Federation

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