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Messages of our Master Lin Kai Ting for the QilinGong practitioners, all around the world:

Message 26 March 2020

We do the "Infinite Heart" together, twice a day at 10 am. and 10 pm. - Romanian time (GMT+3) – please check your own time zone.

We add a level: We wish the patients of coronavirus in Romania/ Italy/ ..(name your own country) ... will become recovered soon. We think of them like the mother thinks of her ill child and send our love to them with our utmost sincere heart.

We wish Romanian/ Italian/ .. (your own country)... people (infected or not with this virus) to be Healthy, be Happy and get rid of this adversity. With our utmost sincere heart we can change this bad situation into a Pure Land

This virus is just a bubble, like a bubble of air in the water of the sea, which doesn't last long; it will disappear soon.

We practice together the Infinite Heart for 20 or 30 minutes.

I am near and together with you!

Lin Kai Ting

Message 29 March 2020

"The Infinite Heart" is an Armour which can protect your entire body. It is a very effective way to prevent this Corona virus adversity.

If you can teach it to more people you can save thousands of people's lives.

Thus, you accumulate a great number of merits and virtues.

Lin Kai Ting

Message 30 March 2020

Another method for self protection is:

I'm in Zhen Qi, zhen qi is inside me - all the time!

It is the time to apply our qigong methods.

This Corona virus does not exist for our QilinGong practitioners.

Lin Kai Ting

Romanian National Qigong Federation

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