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Master Lin Kai Ting

We are living in times of hard trial for many ... Our thoughts are reaching out to all the people on the planet, to the whole "human being" ... The health and wellbeing of each and everyone is of great importance to us.

So why stay in fear and wait ... when we can do something to gain strength, to strengthen our body?! ... Why wait and get depressed?!...

Follow the rules announced, stay home, to avoid the spread of this new coronavirus and in the meantime increase your immunity, strengthen your qi and vitality

By now, maybe many of you have already realized that our qigong - QilinGong, is much more than mere a physical exercise or just a practice for good health practice.

It is of great value. So, let's use it!

Let's start practicing together, with the Qi and support of the Master's !

new QilinGong online

Starting today, April 1, 2020, all of us at QilinGong School will be offering help and support online, at

During this difficult period, the practice of certain technique and the courses, related to its learning offered by the QilinGong School, in the Zoom sessions will be free of charge, as a support and help for anyone.

Qigong Practice for EVERYONE and EVERYWHERE ...

  • For the Recommended QilinGong techniques - as a shield and defensive weapon against this new Corona virus - as well as the order in which they should be practiced click here

  • newFree practice program and online courses - on, meeting ID & passwords -click here

  • For the “Online Practice Rooms” program (only in Romanian language) - offered by the federal trainers -

For the online courses offered by the trainers of the Federation, other than the above, registrations are made from the QilinGong personal account. To see the schedules and details of these courses, Classes taught by federal trainers

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new Calendar of Events 2020
          - The Year of the Rat -of Metal –


Special Days

The Year of the Rat -of Metal



World T’ai Chi and
Qigong Day

World Qigong and T'ai Chi Day 2010

By creating a healing wave of calm around the planet, World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day paints a vision of possibility for humanity each year. Subtely, quietly, providing a profound example to millions who participate or experience it through the media.


Saturday, 25th April 2020

Cerul, Pamantul si Eu Qigong-Movie

Heaven, Earth and I are one ...

A film about QilinGong - The qigong style taught by Master Lin Kai Ting


Master Lin Kai Ting



Romanian National Qigong Federation

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